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In February 2016, The Cradle launched a new initiative called Our Children: An Education and Empowerment Series.

Our Children is a multi-year series of programs and events aimed at educating families about the realities and injustices their children may experience in societal interactions, and providing support to those families

Our goal is to educate families about the realities their children may experience in societal interactions and give parents the tools they need to successfully communicate and navigate these difficult dynamics in positive and productive ways.

Our Children continues to engage families in difficult discussions and help families understand and prepare for realities and injustices their children may face.

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The Cradle and a Cradle family were featured on CBS Chicago evening news, talking about transracial parenting and the Our Children Initiative. October 5, 2016 


Raising Black Boys Roundtable

Our Children launched with an inaugural program called Raising Black Boys Roundtable. Designed to promote an open and honest dialogue about the realities of raising a Black boy in today’s world. This roundtable featured five prominent community and business leaders who shared their personal insights and professional experiences as Black men and fathers, touching on the unique risk that Black boys face today.

This roundtable aims to give parents the tools and support they need to communicate with and prepare their children for a society that is far from color- blind.  

It has been four years since we launched our first roundtable and we are back to see what, if anything, has changed. We will also include a single mother who is raising a Black boy. What conversations are we having with our boys today? Parents will discuss their own experiences in addition to topics on how to prepare your son for interactions with the police, do’s and don’t for Black boys and how to keep your son safe. 

We are excited to continue the conversation with our Raising Black Boys Roundtable: Revisited. On Thursday, February 20, 2020 in partnership with Loyola University Chicago - Loyola School of Law, we will host our second Raising Black Boys Roundtable. This roundtable will take place on at 6:00 p.m. – 9:00p.m. To register please click here.