Real Stories

Real Adoption Stories
Emily Meyer and Ed Webb became the proud parents of a two-month-old baby girl, Mathilda, in February of this year.
Joe O’Brien went home from The Cradle in 1930, when the agency was just seven years old.
Matt and Wendy Miller are the parents of two biological Cradle siblings- this is their story.
We checked in with Ariel Steffens and Jonathan Szablewski two years after bringing their son Lucas home from The Cradle.
Natasha had always wanted to adopt, even when she was younger, and with support from her mother and friends, she found the strength to pursue her drea
“I’ve come to realize that in life we sometimes experience special moments and encounter special people who greatly impact who we are."
When Heather and Ray Kurut took their first class at The Cradle in the fall of 2011, they had no idea where their adoption journey would take them, or
Real Adoption Stories
When Lara and Joe Marcantonio began their adoption journey by submitting an application to The Cradle in the summer of 2012, life came full circle for
Open adoption, real adoption stories
Hannah and Nijole explain adoption from their unique perspectives as a birth mom and adoptive mom living in an open adoption relationship.