Adoption Fee Refund Policy

Home Study and Domestic Programs:

Registration Fee
Nonrefundable after initial interview has occurred.

Home Study: Phase I
Nonrefundable after second interview has occurred.

Home Study: Phase II
Up to 50% refundable, dependent on services already provided.

Complete Home Study Fee
Nonrefundable after home study draft has been written. If client moves out of Cradle service area after completion of home study but prior to placement, up to $750 may be refunded.

Program Fee
Nonrefundable after added to wait list.

Placement Fee
Due upon receipt of invoice and within ten (10) days of placement. Placement Fee must be paid in full prior to adoption finalization.

REFUND NOTE: If a client fails to properly disclose information or in any way places the agency or its programs at risk, The Cradle reserves the right to terminate the adoption process without providing any refund. The Vice President of Professional Services retains the right to assess individual cases and determine refunds for atypical cases.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no fees for expectant parents considering placing a child for adoption. Learn more about how The Cradle can help.

As a not-for-profit organization, The Cradle makes every effort to keep adoption a financially accessible option for building your family. In fact, the fees do not cover the costs The Cradle incurs in providing counseling, outreach and educational services to all members of the adoption circle. The Cradle relies heavily on fund-raising and charitable giving for ongoing support of adoption services.

All fees are subject to change.